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Sarah Enni
Episode 10: Heidi Schulz


Debut MG author Heidi Schulz talks reimagining Neverland for HOOK’S REVENGE, the pros and cons of chicken husbandry, and the only bad way to draft a novel.

For more of my interview with Heidi, including the story of why she hates giraffes, click here!

Heidi Schulz Show Notes!

Australorp breed of chickens

J.M. Barrie, author of PETER PAN and PETER PAN AND WENDY

Peter Pan (2003 film)

Brooks Sherman, Heidi’s agent

John Hendrix, illustrator for HOOK’S REVENGE

Heidi’s drawing of a sad robot being launched into space 

Claire Legrand, MG author

Emma Trevayne, MG author

KidLit authors Beverly ClearyDiana Wynne Jones, and Judy Blume

Authors of creeptastic things, Stephen King and V. C. Andrews

A podcast in which firstdraftwithsarahenni goes full Barbara Walters on me and I almost start crying. (She’s that good.)

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Hook’s Revenge Blog Tour Stop 2: Interview at Paperback Princess

Hook’s Revenge Blog Tour Stop 2 and a podcast, featuring me!

Hello there, dear reader! It’s Monday, but don’t despair. I’m making stop two of my blog tour this morning with an interview that is sure to get your week off to a swashbuckling start! Nicole from Paperback Princess and I chat about the inspiration behind Hook’s Revenge, writer’s block, and just one of the many things that make me weird.  

Blog Tour, Stop Two

Also happening: Drop in on First…

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Mutant 101 - Professor Xavier Should Put In A Call To Her Parents - 5 Year Old Mia Stares Down marvelentertainment's Cast Of Guardians Of The Galaxy As She Crushes Them In A Game Of GotG Trivia On jimmykimmellive [X

Vin Diesel in the background looking at her like “SHE’S PERFECT.  WANT ONE.”

I thought girls didn’t like Super Heroes.

You thought what? 

Also, bless five-year-old girls who can confidently pronounce the words ‘cybernetic enhancements’ because they’re so interested in superhero adventures that they saw no obstacle to learning anything at all to understand them better.

And can do it wearing a pink flower headband, if they feel like it.



(behold, three girls and one boy avidly reading new comic books in New York City, 1947, photographed by Ruth Orkin)

What girls don’t like is when they’re patronised, and herded towards titles designed according to what grown men think girls are supposed to like, and ignored with regard to titles that those men assume are just for boys and men. What girls don’t like is not being allowed to choose for themselves what they like. 

This is not a new concept. This is noted in Chaucer. What every woman most desires is to choose her own way.

"What every woman most desires is to choose her own way." Oh my goodness, yes.

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Hook’s Revenge Blog Tour, Stop 1!

In case I haven’t mentioned it more than a hundred times, Hook’s Revenge will be in stores on Tuesday! To celebrate, I’m touring the web, sharing exclusive content: excerpts, interviews, and some other fun things. That tour starts, oh, how about RIGHT NOW.


Come on over to Reading with ABC! You’ll get to know my pirate narrator and read an exclusive excerpt: the first few pages of Hook’s Revenge! 

While you are there, enter to win a copy!

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